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VEGAN-UARY, @TwoRawSouls

Last year I learnt to be so open minded, to educate myself on topics I never knew about. Or even on subjects I ‘thought’ I knew so much about. How I went 27 years not knowing that cows don’t produce milk all year round that’s embarrassing 😳 😂

‘dairy cows are artificially inseminated’ Well… that’s a line I wasn’t expecting to read. #wtfmoment

Anyway, New challenge: Here’s to DAY ONE of Vegan-uary. A whole month of meat free, dairy free food. I’ll be the first to admit I always thought vegans were a little crazy.

( I mean, does this mean I need to add it in my bio 🙊 yeah mandatory – it’s happening)

I’ve never been a huge meat eater, I stopped drinking cows milk ages ago, and I’ve been an on/off vegetarian for a while, simply because I feel healthier when I load my plate with veggies and cut out the meat …but we all know I love a poached egg so veganism was never something I wanted to understand.

This past year I’ve found myself hungry to learn a bit more about what I’m eating and where my food is coming from. It’s not often I’d ever even read the food labels! Anyone that’s watched Netflix documentaries; cowspiracy, forks over knives, vegucated… the list goes on. I mean make your own choices, always. But I feel personally I’ve been ignorant to what’s going on in the world, be that our health system, sustainability, animal cruelty… and I want to start making better choices.

Everyone’s going to have mixed views on all of these things, Veganism being an often misunderstood lifestyle choice. But I’ve realised how awful I’ve been to ever eye roll at any vegan – So, Dear Vegans, I’m sorry!

How can we judge anyone that’s only trying to do their best for a healthy lifestyle, for a better planet and for a better life for animals?

I’ve been lucky enough to meet some likeminded people in 2017. (Natalie being one of those.) Bonding over our love of yoga, food and self development books we sat down for brunch one day and decided to support each other in Vegan-uary, both taking on the challenge and will be blogging about our journey along the way. Instagram: @tworawsouls

I’m no angel, I know I’m going to find this difficult. Mostly from a lazy point of view, being vegan isn’t convenient when you can’t just reach for the nearest piece of food. But I love a challenge. I’m looking forward to educating myself along the way, I can’t promise I’m going to be able to see this through after January but I’m going to give it my all.

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After a very long search on Google for the perfect recipe for energy bites I came across many different variations – some that you had to bake, some with a thousand different ingredients, and some which looked like I’d rather chew on cardboard.

After posting my not so naughty treats on social media I’ve had a few requests for the recipe. Although I never did find the ideal recipe that I was hoping for… With a bit of inspiration from a mixture of recipes and after a few experiments in the kitchen I created my own.

These are a winner! Even if I do say so myself *insert sassy emoji*.

So, if you’re in need of a healthy snack, and have a sweet tooth like I do, then this recipe is for you!

TIP: For the blender, if you have a nutribullet I would suggest NOT using that. The mixture gets very sticky, the first time I attempted it with the nutribullet I blew the fuse – oops!


1 cup raw seeds (I use 30g sunflower seeds 80g pumpkin seeds)
30g cocoa powder
1tsb vanilla extract
pinch of salt
100g dates (chopped into half or quarter)
2 or 3tbsp water
shredded coconut (or whatever you want) to cover and decorate them


1. Add the seeds and salt to the blender and mix

2. Add the cocoa powder and vanilla extract to the mixture and blend together

3. Add the dates a few at a time, blending in between and adding the water 1tbsp at a time as needed until all the mixture has come together.

4. Spoon the mixture out a little at a time rolling it into bite-sized balls.

5. Then roll the mixture in your chosen toppings. I use cacao powder/ shredded coconut/ shaved almonds and my ultimate favourite – edible glitter (although not the healthiest option!)

Put them in the fridge to chill, then enjoy!

Love Elle x

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