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Life Lessons

by Elle

Looking back over the past few months I’ve learnt a lot. Most of it has come from just simply being aware. Even some of the simplest things in life that are right in front of your face, that are complete and utter common sense, that you know you should change, but for some reason at the time they are completely overlooked, so you disregard them and you carry on anyway. Sometimes we just need to take a step back and look at what’s going on in our lives. Here’s some of my core values.


1. Keep Your Standards High


Your standards become a direct reflection of yourself. Soon you begin to attract like minded people who notice that they share your values and expectations. They respect you, because you respect yourself. You start to notice that you’re moving in a direction towards getting what you truly want in life, because you never settled for anything less than what you set out to achieve in the first place.


It doesn’t matter what aspect of life you apply this to, whatever you choose to do – do it with integrity and standards.


Apply those high standards to all areas of your life including your relationships. Don’t invest your time and efforts in someone that doesn’t give you 100% back. Do you not think that you deserve more than that? Do you not value yourself?


2. Create a strong support network
Surround yourself with people that will drive you forward, that will motivate you, lift you up, support and encourage you. People that want to see you do well, that care about you and believe in you.


It’s said that you become most like the people that you spend your time with so hang out with people that inspire you too! Embrace the amazing friends that you have around you and don’t ever be afraid to let go of the ones that suck the life out of you. You’ll soon notice the ‘friends’ that don’t clap when you’re doing well. They’re probably not on your support network… Get rid


3. Step out of your comfort zone
Nothing good ever came from comfort zones! Branch out and do more. We all have 24hrs in the day. How you choose to spend that time is completely up to you.
That thing you’re scared of? Do that. Face your fears and go beyond, because your fears are your limitations to your goals.


4. The universe owes you absolutely nothing.
So what did you do in life to do absolutely no hard work and reap all of the rewards? (Get back in your box.) You’re going to have to put some work in. Input is output, don’t expect to receive back that which you did not put in.

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