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VEGAN-UARY, @TwoRawSouls Last year I learnt to be so open minded, to educate myself on topics I never knew about. Or even on subjects I ‘thought’ I knew so much about. How I went 27 years not knowing that cows don’t produce milk all year round that’s embarrassing 😳 😂 ‘dairy cows are artificially inseminated’…

YOGA WITH ELLE MEETS YOU TUBE  Get comfy. Long post right here! I’m sure many of you are rolling your eyes back into another dimension wishing that I just quickly tagged ‘check it out’, so feel free to scroll down and skip over my blog, but for those of you that do want to listen, here…

After a very long search on Google for the perfect recipe for energy bites I came across many different variations – some that you had to bake, some with a thousand different ingredients, and some which looked like I’d rather chew on cardboard. After posting my not so naughty treats on social media I’ve had…

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